Kristine Cook , founder and Managing Director of Nativa Realty Costa Rica Ltda. brings to the company an impressive database of exclusive listings and prime development lands for sale including white sand beach properties in the Southern Nicoya and several prime commercial “pocket listings” throughout the popular Pacific Coast beach towns of the Guanacaste . See Premiere Listings. (Link)

Finding the property of your dreams here in Costa Rica is one thing and it can be a very enjoyable experience searching for it in this country where natural beauty abounds! However, finalizing a deal is better left to an expert and especially one who is driven to work for you and who will negotiate the best deal possible and lead you through the legal acquisition!

Kristine Cook’s strong work ethic and attention to detail combined with her hard nose negotiating skills has allowed her buyers to acquire their favorite property at, or very near to, their offer price successfully one deal after another.

Kristine Cook has a diploma in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley and a minor in Anthropology- Class of 1999. This combined educational background has enabled her to assist her clients with a deep understanding of how best to use their raw land purchase (i.e. land management) as well as advice on sustainable building and information concerning the newest development rules and regulations in the Southern Nicoya area for Free hold land as well as Maritime Zoned lands.  Kristine has many years of experience in advising and selling Maritime Zoned Beach Front Concession land here in Costa Rica.

She has been a Real Estate Broker for over 12+ years in Costa Rica and has a solid reputation for being one of the best in her occupational field in the Southern Nicoya.

Originally from the Bay Area in California, she has been a legal resident in Costa Rica for 14+ years.
Kristine Cook owns and operates the Nativa Realty office in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  You can contact her for any information regarding properties throughout the Southern Nicoya Peninsula or anywhere throughout the Guanacaste beach area communities.

Contact Kristine at:
email: info@nativa-costarica.com
Tel: 011 (506) 8836-1238

More About Kristine and Nativa Realty:

Nativa Realty Costa Rica Ltda . is a registered Real Estate company in Costa Rica run by a serious team of Realtors whose joint goal is to inspire and manifest the dreams of many who want to live in Costa Rica. Not only is Costa Rica an amazingly beautiful country with a pronounced biodiversity, but it is also a country that can be considered to be one of the more secure places to invest in in Latin America.

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Nativa Realty Costa Rica Ltda. was established in 2009, after Kristine left Tropisphere Real Estate, the company she co-founded in 2004 with her partner Andrea Drost. Kristine works hard to provide the best Real Estate service experience for anyone who falls in love with Costa Rica.

Kristine Cook’s career as a professional Realtor has now evolved into developing properties along with her husband Enrico Reolon, owner of Ricobau Construction Company. (www.ricobau.com).
Stay tuned for our exciting Villas for sale in 2017! Consider Investing in Chantico!

Kris and Enrico Reolon

contact: Info@nativa-costarica.com РTel: 011 (506) 8836-1238