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Real Estate in Montezuma & Tambor Montezuma is a very unique place.... Montezuma has become a desirable destination for international travelers for what it has to offer: a quaint village-like atmosphere, unspoiled nature, clean beaches, great restaurants, loads of touristic activities and above all else, a friendly international community. A large percentage of year round foreign residents are artists: builders, craftspeople, creative chefs and people working in the healing arts. Montezuma hosts a variety of hotels, from economy to luxury as well as private luxury Villas and Beach Bungalows for rent. (See Vacation Rentals). The village is very small due to topographical limitations. However, there is room for commercial and residential growth up along the surrounding hills of the town. The landscape around Montezuma is spectacular, with beautiful long stretches of white sand beaches back dropped by an inter linking chain of dramatic cliff height plateus which span from all the way from Tambor towards Cabuya, south of Montezuma. There are three cliff plateus above Montezuma which are now home to many private luxury estates. Only a handful of cliff row home sites are available for sale. These are listed herein.
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