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Pavones is located at the end of Costa Rica\'s Pacific Coastal Tail almost bordering the Panamanian border. In many ways this area is isolated from the rest of the country but those who live here like it this way. There is literally one way in and one way out. The locals all say Pavones is \"where the road ends and where the fun begins\". A definite surfer culture prevails in this area and the lifestyle is muy tranquilo! The southern zone of Costa Rica has a rich blend of culture, ocean lifestyle, incredible wildlife with a feeling of Old Hawaii and Tahiti. The town of Pavones is backed up to Guayami Indigenous tribal lands and on occasion one can see the natives dressed in beautiful tribal dress stroll down from their mountain into town. Here one can experience a raw sense of culture that is hard to find anywhere else in the country other than Tortuguero located in the northern Caribbean. Pavones enjoys fantastic views looking out across the Gulf of Golfito towards the southern end of the Osa Peninsula and also appreciates full sunset views over the Pacific. The journey is still long to this area even though one can fly in on occasion to a private airstrip or by helicopter. But it will not be long before the masses find out about this little tucked away paradise! Costa Rica\'s 3rd International Airport has been proposed for an area inland about an hour away from Pavones. Once this is established in the next few years the area will open up to even more tourism and Pavones will see a lot more action. Good thing there will always be plenty of space for surfers to catch a wave! The World\'s SECOND LONGEST WAVE is located here! The longest wave is located off the coast of Chile. The featured listing herein is the only true gem in Pavones that is perfect for an eco-retreat center or resort that could have a focus on sport and fun with high quality surf right in the front yard! There is a perfect set of waves situated directly in front of this property. The area in general is abundant with rivers flowing to the sea. This type of environment supports a large wildlife population. Several monkey species including the rare Mono Titi squirrel monkey make their home here.
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