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The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is a land of beauty and one of opportunity. This region contrasts from all others in the Guanacaste. It is different in its natural habitat, climate and lifestyle. Hosting three natural park reserves, all home to unique species of wildlife, the Southern Nicoya succeeds as an eco-friendly Province. In terms of lifestyle , this area is home to a large and growing international community with a variety of interests including builders, architects, artisans, health therapists and sports enthusiasts. World-class surfing prevails on the western shores of Mal Pais , Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa . Each developing town in the Southern Nicoya attracts its own type of visitor, likewise its own type of year round resident. It may all boil down to a choice of whether you are a \"sunrise\" or a \"sunset\" person that makes the difference where you buy property in this region. Sunrises over Montezuma are stimulating and electrifying, as are the sunsets over the western waters of Mal Pais. Whichever is your fancy, you can certainly have the best of both worlds. Some properties listed herein are located on high hilltops, allowing just that- a taste of both: sunrises over the waters of the gulf of Nicoya and sunsets over the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. This region is unique in the sense that you have this Sunrise/Sunset option due to the topographical shape of the Peninsular point.
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